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 Drug Registration  
Our company has established a drug registration department with a team of highly qualified staff specializing in the drug registration in foreign countries. Registration regulation is similar but different from country to country. This situation increases the difficulty in registration. Through plenty of registration practice, our experienced team strive for finding out the common and different ground between USA and other foreign countries, and establish the common registration procedure for each product so that we can go through the registration process effectively so as to ensure our clients can achieve satisfactory and excellent business success.

As an important and necessary part, drug registration can strengthen and stabilize drug exporting and importing process. In most cases, registration is compulsively governed by competent Health Authority.

Only through professional preparation, registration can be done sucessfully. In the process of registration, not only a full knowledge of multi-courses is required, including medicine, pharmaceutics, pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering, biological engineering, microbiology, professional English, etc, but also GMP on-site management, which must be in compliance with relevant registration regulation in the importing country, is a must. In addition, registrars have to know about advances in science and technology as well as registration regulations in every country or region especially in USA, Europe and WHO organization.
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